Best Restaurants in Quezon City, Metro Manila for your next Global Food Journey in 2023

restaurants in quezon city

Craving international cuisine but don’t want to break the bank on airfare? We’ve got you covered. Quezon City is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines from around the world. These restaurants in Quezon City can go from hole-in-the-wall Japanese joints to swanky European fine dining establishments.

Restaurants in Quezon City to Give Your Taste Buds a Journey

best restaurants in quezon city

In this blog post, we’ll spotlight 7 of the best restaurants in Quezon City to take your taste buds on an adventure, no passport required. We chose these dining destinations based on food quality, unique ambiance, value for money, and positive online reviews. Prices range from budget-friendly to special occasions worthy to suit different tastes and budgets.

Ready to tease those taste buds? Keep reading for the inside scoop on QC’s top 7 global restaurants in quezon city and start planning your culinary world tour.

1. Oedo for Authentic Japanese Fare

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Stroll over to Oedo located just minutes away from Soo Coffee. Oedo is one of QC’s best bets for authentic Japanese cuisine. You might question if you’re Filipino once you experience their dishes. Their sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki hit all the right flavor notes and their cozy yet elegant dining space provides just the right amount of intimacy for a relaxed dining experience here in Manila.

2. Maki Haus’ Famous Chinese-Filipino Maki Soup

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Another great Asian dining option in the Soo Coffee neighborhood is Maki Haus. This is a Binondo favorite in QC, bringing their signature maki soup made from meatballs, peanuts, tofu, and noodles in broth. The best soup restaurant in Quezon City for Filipinos, Chinese, and Chinoys!

3. HackenSack’s Classic Americana Burgers & Hot Dogs

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For quintessential American comfort food, HackenSack hits the spot with its vintage 1950s diner vibes. Indulge in towering cheeseburgers or loaded 10-inch hot dogs, plus thick-cut fries and milkshakes. Friendly service and budget pricing make HackenSack the perfect casual bites stop.

4. Geluk Gentri for Contemporary European Plates

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For an intimate, romantic Euro-inspired dinner, check out this restaurant in Quezon City, Geluk Gentri. Their globally-influenced dishes like their special steak, ribs, and champagnes surprisingly speak to Filipino palates while retaining creativity and sophistication.

5. Pandan Asian Café’s Eclectic Pan-Asian Menu of Tomas Morato

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In the mood for a more vibrant, eclectic pan-Asian experience? Pandan Asian Café intertwines Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian and Filipino flavors for a one-of-a-kind smorgasbord. Crispy soft-shell crab, salted egg wings and Malaysian laksa noodles are just some of the cross-cultural delights on their menu.

6. Las Spezia’s Homestyle Italian Classics

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Craving pasta, pizza, and vino? Las Spezia brings diners straight to the Italian countryside with exposed brick walls and hanging grapes. House specialties like wood-fired pizzas, al dente pastas, and grilled branzino keep flavors authentically Italian while charming servers make you feel like family.

7. Prologue QC’s Globally Inspired French Fusion

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PrologueQC, one of the best restaurants in Quezon City, fuses French techniques with global flavors for a unique Euro-Asian dining experience. Their chic, cozy bistro atmosphere sets the stage for Moroccan lamb shanks, Japanese cod tempura, French souffle pancakes dessert, and other cross-continental delights. The perfect last stop before heading home and resting those happy bellies.

If you’re looking for Korea, it’s at Soo Coffee

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A cozy corner cafe serving top-notch Korean specialty coffee, gourmet cuisine, and community vibes. Tucked away on Sct. Alcaraz in Banawe, Soo Coffee pairs smooth caffeinated brews using premium beans with Instagram-worthy Korean dishes. Some suggested flavor pairings are the Caramel Latte with Kimchi Fried Rice or the Cafe Latte with the herbaceous Serendipity Spaghetti. Explore our menu. Korean coffee and food: a match made in heaven! The warm, welcoming atmosphere also makes Soo Coffee a go-to gathering spot in QC.

Ready to Get Started?

So which global dish are you going to try first on your food trip around the best restaurants in Quezon City? We hope this guide provides a helpful launch pad to take those taste buds on a world tour without leaving Metro Manila. Wherever you choose, prepare for amazingly authentic dishes that make you feel transported as you take that first bite! Don’t forget to start your food journey with a stop at Soo Coffee for authentic Korean specialty coffee and cuisine done right. Let’s get that global food trip started!

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